1.8 Inch 128×160 SPI Serial TFT LCD Display Module


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1.8 Inch 128×160 SPI Serial TFT LCD Display Module

Program default IO connections:

sbit LCD_CS = P0 ^ 0; Chip Select
sbit LCD_RS = P0 ^ 2; data / command switch
sbit LCD_SDA = P1 ^ 5; Data
sbit LCD_SCK = P1 ^ 7; Clock
sbit LCD_REST = P0 ^ 1; Reset


TFT Power: Screen Power is 2.8-3.3V; remember not to use 5V
(Modules with PCB's have inherited 3V regulator IC, you can enter 5V)
Backlight power supply (LED pin): 3.2V maximum backlight power
(At 3.3V supply can be connected in series for 10 ohm current limiting resistor in series with 100 ohms or 5V
Data port level: theoretically can not let the data port level exceeds 3.3V, if you must use IO connection with 5V microcontroller data bus, as TFT internal voltage clamp, it can be used, but is not always standard.

Package included:

1 x 1.8 inch TFT LCD Display module

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