100pcs Mixed Petunia Hybrida Garden Potting Flower Seeds


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Type: Annual
Growth Rate: Average
Exposure: Partial sun to full sun, or Partial shade
Color: Yellow, Red, Crimson, Pink, Purple, Snowy White – Mixed Colors
Bloom Time: Spring to Fall

Petuniabright color, florescence is long, much flower, like a warm and sunny environment.
The optimum growth temperature is 13℃ to 18℃, winter temperature is 4℃  to 10℃ , such as less than 4 10℃, plant growth stop.
The summer growing seasons, need adequate water, particularly in the summer high temperature season, should be in the early evening watering, keep the soil wetness.

Package Included:
100 X Petunia Seeds

1. Please store the seeds in a cool, dry place.
2. The seed surface turns the soil thickness is the seed diameter 1 to 2 times.

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