10pcs Giant Red Spicy Chili Pepper Seed Garden Vegetable


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10pcs Giant Spicy Chili Pepper Seeds

Easy to grow. Harvest the largest chili plants you’ll see in your whole life! Taste fresh, crisp and spicy, especially after maturing. Fruit large and flesh thick.

Can reach up to 50cm or 20 inches long when it is harvest.
Weight 200g or 7 oz each.
Red, hot and spicy to taste.

Growth Habit:

Temperature of
Days of Germination Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Season Sunlight Requirement Sow to Bloom
20-25 7-15 days 20-38 Spring, autumn  Sunniness, halfshadow About 80 days

Seed Quality:

Purity Germination rate Clarity Water content Seed longevity
≥95% ≥80% ≥98% ≤8% Two years

1. Keep seeds stored in a cool , dry place.
2. The thickness of seed surface earthing is 1-2 times of the diameter.

Package included:
10X Giant Pepper Seeds

red pepper plant

cayenne pepper seeds

planting pepper seeds

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