10PCS Pitcher Plant Sarracenia Purpurea Carnivorous Flower Seeds


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It's carnivorous! The leaves of this plant form into pitchers.
The inner surface of the leaves are covered in fine downward-pointing hairs, so once an insect gets into the pitcher,it cannot climb back out. The insects become trapped, and are digested by the plant giving it vital nutrients.

Name:  Pitcher Plant
Color: Pink Shades
Plant category: Carnivorous plants, foliage plants
Function: clean air, insect repellent, fun
Aapplicable space: balconies, bay windows, roof
Plant seeds: Outdoors after frost / Cold Stratify / Indoors weeks before last frost
Bloom time: Mid Summer
Light requirments: Sun – Part Shade
Soil & water preferences: Moist – Bog
Quantity: 10 Seeds

Package Included:
1000pcs X Nepenthes Seeds

1. Stored in a cool, dry place.
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