12V 7/8inch HandleBar USB Port GPS Phone Charger Waterproof Motorcycle Bike Car


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12V Motorcycle 7/8inch HandleBar USB Port GPS Phone Charger Waterproof Bike Car 


100% Brand new and high quality.
Short circuit / overheat protection.
Easy installation,convenient and safe to use
Adjustable bar mount and insert rings(7/8inch/2.2cm).
Multifunctional product, perfect for travel use.
Waterproof dustproof material can be used for the interior and exterior application.
Can be installed vertically, horizontally or underneath the dash, or any flat surface.
With a wide input range, it can effectively prevent the large current and high voltage to damage the product when the motorcycle starts up.
Widely used with electric equipment for power supply: Vehicle,GPS, mobile phone, camera, mp3
Optimised for iPad/iPhone/iPod/Smart phone/GPS/Motorcycle video – fast charging at full speed
Apply to all USB charging mobile phones or other electronic products. Run multiple accessories at one time, very convenient and easy to use.


Color: Black
Material: ABS
Size: As the picture show
Screw length: Approx. 3.7cm
Cable Length:About 97cm
Input power range:DC 12V
Output power: DC 5.0V-5.3V
Bring Load Current: MAX 1.1A
Protection: the forIC internal switch will auto close when input power is higher than 30V or the internal tempurature is up to 85℃. When input power gets right or internal temperature gets lower, the system will recover itself automatically. Voltage ripple VPP<100 Mv(12V)
Power: Not lower than 80%
Enviroment temperature:-20~50℃
Protection grade: IP60.

Install it upward. Screws on both sides should be locked tightly to fix the product on your motorcycle.

This product is a motorcycle charge. Please do not use a power higher than 30V.
When installed in a direction shown on the icon, the product gat its best waterproof effects.
This product should be installed away from heat source.
Do not pull the power input & output lines.

Package Included:

1 X 7/8inch 12V Waterproof USB Port Motorcycle Charger

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