14.4V 2.0Ah 2000mAh Ni-cd Replacement Power Tool Battery For Ryobi


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14.4V 2.0Ah 2000mAh Ni-cd Replacement Power Tool Battery For Ryobi

This 14.4V 2Ah Ni-cd replacement power tool battery is suitable for Ryobi cordless drill series with safeguard feature against incorrect voltage,short circuit, internal overheating,providing continuous power for your cordless drill.


Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Battery Voltage 14.4V
Batttery Type Ni-cd
Cycle Life ≥300 times
Color yellow+black
Size 4.3 x 4.1 x 2.9 inches

Compatible With Ryobi 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill Power Tool

C           CBI1442D, CDL1441P, CDL1442D, CDL1442P, CDL1442P4, CID1442P, CTH1442, CTH1442K2
F FL1400
H HP1441, HP1441M, HP1441MK2, HP1442M, HP1442M2, HP7200K2, HP7200MK2, HP7200NK2
R R10520, R10521, RY1420, RY62, RY6200, RY6201, RY6202
S STPP-1441

Replacement Ryobi PN:

13        1311166, 1314702, 1322547,130111073, 130224010, 130224011, 130224017, 130240010. 130245005, 130281002
14 1400144, 1400655, 1400656. 1400669, 1400670, 1400671, 4400011
B B-1415-S, B-1442T

Ni-cd rechargeable replacement battery with sumsang battery
Can be charged with original battery charger
Safeguard feature against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating
Passed CE & ROHS,UL certification
Fit for Ryobi cordless drill series

Package included:
1X Ryobi Replacement Power Tool Battery

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