1/4 Inch Ball Valve Shut off Quick Connect Water Connect


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1/4 Inch Ball Valve Shut off Quick Connect for RO Water Reverse Osmosis System

Name: 1/4" Ball Valve Connector
Material: non-toxic food PP material
Outer diameter: (approx.) 6mm (1/4")
Color: White&Blue

Quick Connector is through certified non-toxic food PP material manufacturing. Health and safety.
Widely used in pure water, water, food and beverage series of parts.
Quick connector use more quickly, more convenient, more secure, to ensure that never leaks water.

Installation and the removal procedure

Installation procedure:
1, in threaded quick connector with raw belt wrapped;
2, with the appropriate force to tighten fast connections, if excessive force may tighten bad connector, if the force is not enough
can cause leaks water;
3, the top tube will be inserted vertically cut flat knife. The wall of the tube to be inserted should be smooth, clean, no scratches;
4. Remove the blue clamp and cut the top of the insertion tube quick connector, plug in the end;
5. put the card at the quick connector clamp loop, to avoid accidental unplugged in use process.

Removal procedure:
1, first check the inlet whether to close, to ensure the water pressure is zero;
2, removed the quick snap loop;
3, the chuck the quick connector  hold down at the same time, the other hand to pull out the tube.

Package include:
1x 1/4" Ball Valve Quick Connector

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