150pcs Eco-Friendly Silica Gel Drying Agent Desiccant Bags


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Description :

150pcs Eco-Friendly silica gel drying agent desiccant Moistureproof  Bags

This 150PCS a set silica gel drying agent, which is eco-friendly  have also have a wide range of application in lifestyle.

Function :
Deodorization, such as shoe deodorant ; 
Moistureproof, such as textiles, shirts, suits, cashmere, sweaters, stuffed toys luggage, small leather goods, handbags, leather gloves, bags, hats.
And especially perfect for putting in the food packaging to guarantee the quality of the foods.

Principle :
The main ingredient of this Silica gel desiccant is silica, by natural mineral after purification processing become granular or beads.
As a desiccant, its microporous structure (an average of 2A. )  has a good adsorption to the  water molecules.
The most suitable absorbent condiction of it is room temperature (20 ~ 32), high humidity (60 to 90%), in this enviroment it can reduce the relative humidity of about 40%.

Notice :
When the silica gel inside becomes cloudy, indicating that it has saturated with water, and you can throw it away.
Prohibit the consumption, please keep it  away from the Kids and Animals.

Specification :

Package Weight : 170g (150piece)
Material : silica gel

Package Includes :

150 x Silica Gel Drying Agent Bags

Detail Pictures :


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