18/20/25/30W E27 LED Pork Meat Market Cooker Seafood Lights Bulb


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Size:169*145mm (18W/20W)
        210*150mm (25W/30W)
Color Temperature:4100K
Light Source: F5 Small Power LED Light-Emitting Diodes
Light Angle:120 Degrees
Material:PVC Flame Retardant Plastic Shell
Light Holder Model:E27
Interface Type:Standard E27 Screw Rotary

01.Red        18W Raw Light
02.Reddish  18W Raw Light
03.Red        18W Fresh Light
04.Reddish  18W Fresh Light
05.Red        20W Raw Light
06.Reddish  20W Raw Light
07.Red        20W Fresh Light
08.Reddish  20W Fresh Light
09.Red        25W Raw Light
10.Reddish  25W Raw Light
11.Red        25W Fresh Light
12.Reddish  25W Fresh Light
13.Red        30W Raw Light
14.Reddish  30W Raw Light
15.Red        30W Fresh Light
16.Reddish  30W Fresh Light

Simple type curve design,to look closer into the market and candid
E27 international standard connectors
360 degree heat dissipation design
High temperature resistant casing
High color rendering
No radiation
Energy saving and save electricity

1X Led Pork Light

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