2.54mm 3x40P Male Pins Three Row Right Angle Pin Header


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Pin Header,a functional connector, is mainly used for PCB local connection.they are often connect to female connector and
the connection of the head line.

Three row pin header:  3X40P
Spacing:  2.54mm
Color:  black
Angle: 90 degree

This product is mainly used for various of electronic and electronic machine of PCB plate ,its main function is for a connected
function in which an electronic plate is blocking up,nevertheless,it bear the electronic and information output function.often
 they are combining female PCB into each other,in order to connect the electronic machine in a single one.due to the different
product ,our customers need different sizes,first of all,we offer the spacing 2.54mm to you which is a normal one.

Package included:
1X three row pin header.

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