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20cm Stainless Steel Crucible Tong Clamp Graphite Melting Furnace Pliers Holder

Material:stainless steel
Overall Length:20cm/7.87inch
Net Weight:77g

Stainless steel crucible tong
Made from stainless steel,anti-rust,anti-corrosion,durable
Anti-slip jaw design,gripping the crucible firmly,no easy to slip
A common chemical instrument to gripping a crucible, holding solid matter heating or burning

Use Tips
1. Must keep clean when in use.
2. Preheat the tong before use, in case the tip of the tong cracks for the spot cooling. After using, place the tong on the desktop or asbestosed wire gauze.
3. After experiment, clean and wipe up the tong, keep it dry in the case.

Package included:
1X Stainless Steel Crucible Tong

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