20pcs Peach Shape Ornamental Chili Pepper Seed Edible Plant


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Peach Shape Ornamental Chili Pepper Seed

Mini peach shape, compact natural, resistant branch. Thermophilic, without high temperature and frost. Short-day plant with less requirement of light.

Growth Habit:

Temperature of
Days of Germination Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Season Sunlight Requirement Sow to Bloom
20-25 7-15 days 20-38 spring, autumn  Sunniness About 80 days

Sowing way:
1. For small particles seeds, without shell preservation seeds can be sown directly without germination.
2. Ready pots, soil and related tools. Covered with mud in the bottom of the pot, a thickness of about 15-30cm, then the seeds are sprinkled with the top, and then cover the seed 1-2cm above the soil, the last watering it.
3. Wait for seed germination, the most critical factor is the temperature and humidity, most seeds at temperatures higher than 18 degrees, about 7-15 days to germinate. After germination need plenty of sunlight and supplements fertilizers, plant growth habit under proper watering.

Package included:
20X Ornamental Pepper Seeds

tabasco pepper seeds

pepper seed

chili pepper seeds

pepper seed

ornamental pepper seed

chili pepper seeds

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