21 in 1 Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver Set For Mobile phone


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1. Brand new repair tool set
2. With these repair tools, you'll be able to easily disassemble your phones
3. Quick disassemble and install your Phone without any damage
4. Can be reused for many times
5. Compatible with: all mobile phone
Package include:
1 x Double-headed crowbar
1 x Forceps
1 x Torx/ Star Screw Drive
1 x SIM CARD Tray Ejector Pin
1 x Key ring
1 x T5 Screw Driver
1 x T6 Screw Driver
1 x 1.2 Phillips Screw Driver
1 x 1.5 Phillips Screw Driver
1 x 2.0 Phillips Screw Driver
1 x 0.8 mm screwdriver
1 x Tri wing screwdriver (Red )
2 x Blue Plastic triangular tools
2 x Blue Plastic Pry tools
2 x Scrapers
1 x Double Head Plastic spugder (blue)
2 x Suction Cup

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