220V-230V PS3005 Professional Digital Adjustable DC Power Supply


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Description :  

220V-230V PS3005 Digital Adjustable DC Voltage Power Supply Output 0-30V/0-5A
Specification :

This is a professional DC Switching Power Supply with accuracy 3 digital meter.
The ouput voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 30V and the ouput current is from 0 to 3A/5A.

Brand name : QJE
Model number : PS3005
Input voltage : AC 220V +/-10% 50Hz+/-2Hz
Output voltage : 0~30V(conti.adj.)
Power : 150W
Output Current : 0~3A /0~5A(conti.adj.)
Supply Regulation : CV<=1%+10mV
Load Regualtion : CV<=1%+5mV
Ripple : 200mV (p-p)
Protection : Current Limit
Meters Indicator accuracy :
          3 digital meters accuracy :
             Volmeter : LCD +/- 1% + 2 Digits
                 Ammeter : LCD +/- 1% + 2 Digits
Operation Ambient :
           Temperature : 0~40 degree
              Humidity :

                 Atmosphere Pressure : 86KPa~104Kpa
Operating Time : 8hr . conti.
Size : 85*160*205mm

Package includes :  

1 x 220V-230V PS3005 Digital Adjustable DC Voltage Power Supply 
Details pictures :  


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