2PCS Activated Carbon Desiccant Moisture Absorption Mildew Proof Boxes


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Description :  

2PCS Activated Carbon Interior Closet Clothes Desiccant Moisture Absorption Mildew Proof Boxes

This is 2PCS a set Activated Carbon Desiccant Box, which is used  to Moistureproof, Deodorization, Dehumidification.
With some Activated Carbon particulate matter inside the box, it has the strong ability to adsorb the water from the air and also can used as a deodorization to fresh air.
Thus it is not only great to prevent your clothes, book, home appliances and etc from damage but also can improve the quality of the air around you.

High-capacity, the net weight of this product is 250g and it can absorb about 800ml water from the air.
It is easy to use, you just need to open the outer packing of the box and tear the tinfoil paper and then put it in the anywhere you want, it will start to work immediately.

Perfect for :   bedroom, bathroom, bookcase, waredrobe, office and anyother space you want  to keep dry and comfortable 🙂

Specification :  

Material : Activated Carbon
Size : 12. 8 x 7 x 10. 5cm
Weight : 350g / 2 piece
Color : Black

Packed Includes :

2 x Activated Carbon Desiccant box

Detail Pictures :  

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