30 Pin To 3.5mm Audio Adapter WIFI WeShare Music Receiver Wireless Speaker Sharing System Support Airplay DLNA Protocol


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30 Pin To 3.5mm Audio Adapter WIFI WeShare Music Receiver Wireless Speaker Sharing System Support Airplay DLNA Protocol


Color: Black.
Cable Length: 100cm / 39.3 inch.
This Wi-Fi music sharing system, can help you to enjoy music wirelessly.
Connect to speaker with smart terminal control, turning normal speaker to Wi-Fi speaker immediately.
Compatible with Airplay and DLNA protocol perfectly.
Lossless Wi-Fi transmission and high-quality audio chip boosts your music quality.
APP is made by heart brings the best user experience.
Based on DLNA online technology, low power consumption is more environmental.
Device supported: For iPhone and iPad and Android Smart Phone, Windows PC with wifi function.
Speaker supported: For Apple 30 PIN DOCK speaker and other normal speaker with 3.5 mm audio output.

Compare to bluetooth music speaker:

Wireless method compare Bluetooth 2.0 Wi-Fi Conclusion
Theoretical transmit rate 1-3 Mbps 54-100Mbps Transmission bandwidth difference is 50 times
Sound quality Actual transmit rate is 768kbps, cannot reach CD sound quality data requirement 1411.2kbps Under LAN network, actual transmit rare is 32Mbps, much higher than Bluetooth, meet any audio data requirement Under compare, Wi-Fi can support Hi-Fi lossless sound quality transmission, but Bluetooth can not be guaranteed
Transmit Distance No obstacles within 10m More than 100m, can cover whole house Transmission distance different is 10 times
Through Wall Capability Cannot transmit through wall Can transmit through wall Wi-Fi can be used in house, Bluetooth can be used in room
Independent Media Capability Cannot connect to Internet, no independent media capability Can connect to Internet, direct access to Internet resources, become independent media player Bluetooth cannot connect to Internet, must ues with other device, Wi-Fi can access to Internet, use as could speaker
Multicast Capability 1 to 1 Connection, cannot support multicast capability Can connect to Internet, theoretical maximum number of connection can reach 225 Bluetooth can only connect to 1 device for one time, but Wi-Fi can connect to many devices for one time
Use Environment No Bluetooth network environment in house Wi-Fi network with wireless router is common ues in house Wi-Fi network will be fully use in future
Protocol Support A2DP, loss transmission Airplay, DLNA Wi-Fi truly use lossless transmission protocol, support for mobile terminal and client wireless music play
Power Consumption Low power consumption High power consumption Bluetooth power consumption low, suitable for portable and long time ues, Wi-Fi power consumption is high, suitable for fixed power

WeShare Music-Not only Music:

Package Included:

1 x WeShare Wifi Audio Receiver
1 x Unit
1 x Speaker Tieline
1 x User Manual (English)

Detail Pictures:

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