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30pcs Red Leaves Sugar Beet Seeds

Vegetable of biennial herb with wine red, red petiole and rhombus vanes. Can be used to arrange flower bed, also as a potted plant, home decoration. Its tender leaves is edible. Easy to grow, even in the shade.

Strong cold hardiness so that it is no need to afraid of cold or frost.
Sun-loving and like fertilizer, grow better in well drained and sandy soil.
Can be parched, eat raw, cold and dressed with sauce etc.

Growth Habit:

Temperature of
Days of Germination Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Season Sunlight Requirement Sow to Bloom
18-25 7-15 days 10-35 Any season  Sunniness, half shade About 40 days

Form and Use:

Leave Color Plant Type Use
red dicitor eat, officinal

1. Please store the seeds in a cool, dry place.
2. The seed surface turns the soil thickness is the seed diameter 1 to 2 times.

Package included:
30X Red Leaves Sugar Beet Seeds

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