360 Degrees Magnets Digital Angle Gauge Meter Protractor Bevel Box


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Description :
360 Degrees Magnets Digital Angle Gauge Meter Protractor Bevel Box

Features :  

Aluminum alloy enclosure (light weight and durable).
Relative/ absolute measurement interchange at any position.
With 3 built-in magnets in measuring surface, which is convenient to be attached to the object measuring workpiece.
Power-off automatically in 5 minutes.
Portable size, convenient to co-work with other measuring tools and enlarge measuring range.

Application :
More widely application is in wood processing industry (especially in furniture manufacturing industry) for wood angle accurate cutting; auto repair industry for tiring assembling angle accurate controlling; in machining industry for machine tool working angle accurate positioning, and large vehicle arm rotation angle etc.

Specification :  

Measuring range :   360°
Resolution :   0.05°
Accuracy :   ±0.2°
Repeatability :   0.1°
Battery :   9V battery
Working temperature :   0°C - 40°C
Dimension :   57 x 57 x 30.5mm
Absolute zero measurement based on the horizontal surface.

Operating Instructions :
1. Press the “ON/OFF” button, it turns on, and the LCD displays absolute horizontal angle. Press “ON/OFF” button again, it turn off.
2. Measurement initially displays 0.0°on the LCD at the beginning, when it displays“”on the left side “”on the right side, it means the left side is higher and right side lower; when it displays“” on the left side “”on the right side, it means the left side is lower and right side higher.
3. Put the instrument on the horizontal stand, and press the “ZERO” button, the value returns to zero, and the read-out is the angle value measured angle value relatively to the horizontal stand.
4. Press the “HOLD” button, the value on the screen will be locked.
5. The magnets at the bottom allow the instrument to be attached onto iron material measurement object. Press the “ZERO” button; reset the value to proceed relative measurement.
Package includes :  

1 x 360 Degrees Magnets Digital Angle Gauge
1 x Screwdriver
1 x 9V battery
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :  


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