3D Printer Heatbed MK2B 12V 24V Heat Bed For Prusa Mendel


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3D Printer Heatbed MK2B 12V 24V Heat Bed For Prusa Mendel

MK2B can select two operating voltage of 12V and 24V; MK2B uses aluminum plate processed, the aluminum plate material are more practical.


Dimensions: 214 x 214 x 2mm
Laminate FR4 1.6±0.15mm
2 layer, 35μm copper
Black Soldermask – both sides
White Silkscreen – both sides
Power Input: 12V / 24V
Power: 120W
Resistance: under 12V voltage, resistance 1.2 ohms; under 24V voltage, resistance 4.8 ohms
Technology: aluminum plate
Color: Black
Copper plated holes


1. 12V /24 power arbitrarily connected.
2. Double-sided, without cable, heating uniformity, printing are smooth.
3. Wiring are regardless of positive and negative, arbitrarily wiring.
4. Borosilicate materials, high transparency.
5. Heating the adhesion are good, plastic parts easily separated after cooling.
6. Suitable for Reprap machine heated circuit boards.
7. Eliminates the trouble of replace the special plastic film, does not exist the special plastic film reduce viscosity problem.
8. For print relatively more users, you can purchase two replacement to use.

Connect way:(You can see in the picture)

12V connection: A line connected 1, while another receive 2, 3.
24V connection: A cable connected 2, another line connected 3 (1 do not connected).

Package included:

1 x MK2B Heatbed

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