400ml/900ml Kitchen Baking Silicone Measuring Cup With Scale


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The Silicone Measuring Cup is great for measuring water,cream,sugar,flour,etc,with water,sugar,flour scale, more convenient for using.
Made 100% food grade platinum silicone, does not contain any toxic substances meet ROHS, SGS and UL environmental requirements.
Soft, strong compressibility, high elasticity, tear-resistant, flexible,easy to clean, reusable, long service life.
High and low temperature resistant, temperature range: -60 to 240 ° C.
Material: Food Grade Platinum Silicone
Temperature Range: -60 to 240 ° C
Color: White
Volume: M: 400ml; L: 900ml
Dimension: Mouth Dia * Bottom Dia * Height
M: Appr. 92MM*83MM*130MM  
L: Appr. 121MM*105MM*170MM   
Weight: M: Appr.133g
              L:  Appr.288g
Package Included: 
1 X Baking Silicone Measuring Cup With Scale
Instructions and Precautions:
1.Do not directly touch with an open flame or near a heat source (such as oven heating pipe), 
2.Use mild detergent in dishwasher or hot water cleaning, turn over the mold,easier for washing;
3. Do not close to sharp objects or use of steel balls and other hard cleaning tools cleaning;

Large Silicone Measuring Cup: 900 ML

Medium Silicone Measuring Cup: 400ML


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