4XDYS 10A 2-3S ESC+4XDYS BE1806 2300KV motor+1XGemfan 5030 Propeller Set


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4XDYS 10A 2-3S ESC+4XDYS BE1806 2300KV motor+1XGemfan 5030 Propeller Set

DYS 10A 2-3S ESC

Brand Name:DYS
Item NO.:BL10A
Model: 10A ESC
Categories: Speed controller

Continuous Current:10A
Burst Current(10s):15A
Battery:2-3s Lipo
With BLHeli Program
Without BEC

Multi-rotor special program, fast throttle response;
Automatically apply throttle characteristics, has a very good motor compatibility;
Supports up to 500Hz refresh rate up to the throttle signal, compatible with all flight control;
Introduction of new technology ultra-low resistance MOSFET, and all drivers are all N-channel tube, strong resistance to flow capacity;
◆ PCB copper thickness has special thick treated with aluminum heat sink, heat is smaller;
◆ BL ESC whole series specially designed for welding banana plugs directly on the board, reducing the wire connection to improve reliability;

DYS BE1806 2300KV motor

Brand: DYS
Item No: BE1806
Item name: 1806 2300KV Brushless Motor
Height: 0.85 inches (21.5mm)
Width: 0.90 inches (23mm)
Weight: 18 grams
RPM/V: 2300KV
Battery: 2-3S lithium polymer
Mounting pattern: 2x 12mm and 2x 16mm
Motor mount hole size: M2
Output shaft diameter: 2
Voltage: 2-3S
Max.current: 7.6A
Max.power: 84.4W

    210 Grams (5030 w/ 2S @ 4.4A)
    375 Grams (5030 w/ 3S @ 8.0A)
    485 Grams (6030 w/ 3S @ 11.0A)

Low vibration motor great for flying
To make aircraft more stable
Less operating noise
More efficient
Bearings long life

Gemfan 5030 Propeller

Item name: 5030 Propeller
Color: black and green
Inner diameter (Prop Mount): 5mm
Becket rowlock: 3mm, 3.17mm, 4mm
Usage: for 240 250 Frame

Package includes:

4 x DYS 10A 2-3S ESC
4 x DYS BE1806 2300KV motor

2 x 5030 CW Propeller 

2 x 5030 CCW Propeller

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