50G Chinese Jiaogulan Green Herbal Flower Herbal Gynostemma Tea


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Origin: Anhui Province
Our exclusive nonpareil grade is fresh and organic, no fertilizer, no pesticides, produced in Shanxi province,
China, it is certainly the best grade available.An anti-aging, longevity tonic herb.
It is reinforcing to overall health and has a strong anti-fatigue effect. Strengthens the immune system.
Used for a variety of health complaints. contains 82 saponins, some of which are directly related to the ginsenosides found in ginseng root. Japanese scientists discovered that the plant contained ingredients very similar to those found in ginseng.
Further research showed that jiao gu lan has a wide range of actions in the body,
with a general overall effect of helping to balance and regulate body systems, such as the cardiovascular and hormonal systems.
Studies have since been conducted which indicate that jiao gu lan has antioxidant
properties and helps support circulation and immune systems

Features & details:
Material: Natural
Color: As shown
Weight: 50g

Package Included:
1X Gynostemma Tea

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