50pcs 8 Outlets Red Drip Adjustable Flow Dripper Micro Sprinklers


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8 Outlets Red Drip can be adjusted to sprinkler form, dropwise form and closed form. It can be shut down the water by rotating left, and can be adjust effluent flowmeter by rotating right.


The dripper can adjust the water yield through the screw rotation according to the actual need. It can also be closed by a screw.

It suit for Φ4/7mm hose, and it can be used on the PE lateral.

It is a self-cleaning type that have a good anti-clogging performance.

Drip is flexible and convenient that can install kinds of specifications of the hose.


Weight: 4g

Flow: 0-70L/H

Working pressure: 1-3kg

Maximum water spraying diameter: 1.3M

Connection: Φ4/7mm Hose


Suitable for all kinds of terrain and crops

Applicable to require drip irrigation pipe laying length larger situation.

Suitable for dripper distance variation situation

The pressure of irrigation syestem is not stable.

Pacakage Included:

50 X  8 Outlets Drip

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