50pcs Efficient Mosquito Mat Smoke Handtailor Pest Killer Dunk


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Description :

50pcs Efficient Mosquito Mat Smoke Handtailor Pest  Killer Dunk

This mosquito mat is one of the most efficient ways to kill the annoying mosqitoes !~
It is qualifier for the inspection by the Sanitation and antiepidemics department.

How to use :

Have lots mosquito/pest trouble in your house/store ? First of all, close windows and doors, find something can put the mats on it, for example, a brick.
Light the mats and large smoke will come out immediately, people and pets should leave the house and after 30 mins come back to check, open the windows and door again to fresh the air.
The death rate of the pest in this house can reaches 90% above. Including mosquito, centipede, termite, cockroach, etc.
Usually 2-3 piece is enough for a 20m2 space.

No need to worry about the fire, after ignite, it will not produce fire that can burn any other thing.
It suitable for pest control in a house or storage room, its smoke smell also can keep the new mosquito/pest away from the house in a certain time  🙂

Package Includes :

5 Bags x Effective Mosquito Mats
(Each bags contain 10pcs mats, so total 50pcs come!)

Details Pictures :

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