532nm 5mw Green Laser Pointer Pen High Power +16340 Battery+Charger


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1. it used to point at any desired destination on the projection screen, video, etc.
2. It can be used for presentation, teaching indicator, etc.
3. Lightweight, suitable for put in your pocket or bag, easy and convenient to carry.
4. With the strap lock, convenient to store and easy to lose
5. Designed with light green color, which is easier for you to find the target and the key point outlight
6. Built-in laser module to improve the heat sink, the design protection circuit collection

1. Do not irradiated to the eyes of humans and animals directly
2. Does not recommend open the laser pen more than 20 seconds, or will be overheating and affect the life of the laser
3. Remove the battery when not in use, do not let the child get
4. If found seriously reduce brightness, remember to recharge the battery or replace the battery

Product Name: Green Light Laser Pen
Beam style: continuous line.
Switch: Momentary switch
Power Supply: 1 x 16340 battery (included)
Body Material: Aerometal
Case color: Black
Light Color: Green
Dimensions: 115x20mm
Package Included:
1 x Green Light Laser Pen
1 x Charger
1 x 16340 battery
1 x charger adapter plug for your country

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