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DIY Mix Color Magical Plant Growing Crystal Balls Soil Water Beads

Magical Crystal soil is multi-functional, rich in Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, bringing fertilizer to plants. It built a fairy world for you when the miniature flower grow well in a container, mini garden or in a terrarium. It can be used again and again. It is non toxic, pollution free and smell free, can be last for 2 years. It is now becoming a new hot trend for home decoration, crafts and hobbies. It is widely used in floral craft – growing your flowers without pouring water for a long time. Also, it can be a nice home decorative item by putting the multi-color crystal mud into transparent glass container. a good decorative of small garden that looks wonderful.

Material: environmentally
Color: mixed color
Size: can be change when soaked in water
Weight: 4~5g each bag
Shape: round
Quantity: 100pcs each bag

How to use:
1. Soak the Crystal soil in water by the percentage of 1:200 for 4 hours.(don't use hot water ) Pour it out and filter away excess water. Crystal soil will absorb water and expand from 1mm diameter to 10mm (approximate) diameter ball shape.
2. Choose the correct indoor plants .clean the root, and cut off the rotten roots and leaves. Get a vase, the glass vase is better, that will look more beautiful. And put the soaked crystal soil in it, (the mud should cover half of the vase), then plug the plants, when the roots are covered, please smooth the root by lifting plants slightly, and then press the mud to make it compatible.
3. This product is no poisonous, no pollution, it will not go bad or color fad.
4. You should place this product in where there is no sunshine, Make sure that Children cannot get it. It can not be eaten.
5. It is reusable as long as you add water to refresh the humidity of crystal soil.
Note : you should learn whether your plant is suit for the crystal soil . the crystal soil suit for most plants which grow in wet environment.
Package included:
5bags X Crystal Growing Ball (100pcs/bag)

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