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Description :

5pcs Super Strong Sticky Board Glue Rat Mouse Trap Pest Killer

The Mousetrap Pest Repller contains attractants and strong glue, can rapidly stick the mice.

It is not affected by climate, can destroy or seal directly discarded after capture, simple, safety and convenient.

Before you set the mouse trap, please clean up the floor and make yhe floor keep dry. By this way, the rats can't escape from the trap.

Rats can't see color red, its eye is weak to this color, so this trap is auto "invisable" in their eyes.
It is one of the most efficient way to kill and deter the mouse around you, after few times "casualties", these place will become a "Restricted Zone" to them !
Usually in a house ≤100m2, this SKU 5pcs is enough to place !~

Specification :

State : Solid
Use : Mouse pest killer
Size : 210 x 160 x 10mm

Package Includes :

5 x Mousetrap Stickey Glue Board

Details Pictures :

Place at these place can kill and deter them efficiently !!

Contain the best bait on it, rats really can't say "NO" to this smell !!

Rats have fur, once they get stick, it is very hard to escape then !
Can also fold to a tube shape, put on some special place that make rats no other way choice !

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