5W E27 25 LED 3528 SMD Light Lamp Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Detector


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Product Description:
The lamp has a photosensitive internal switch that only allows the light to be activated on when the ambient light is low, or dark.
At this time this time light will turn on automatically if the infrared detector patter, such as when someone walks into its area of detection.
The light will stay on for about 25-30 seconds after the infrared detection ceases.
Base: E27
Material: plastic
Lamp bead type: SMD 3528
Lamp bead quantity: 25 x Lighting Emitting Diodes
Light color: white/warm white
Lighting Angle: 180 degree
Infrared Sensor Angle: 90 degree
Color temperature: Warm white 3000K/Pure white 6500K
Sensor distance: 4 – 5 meters
Voltage: 220V – 240V AC
Power: 5W
Luminous flux: 450 lm
Diameter: 6 cm
Height: 8.5 cm

Motion sensor function:
Intelligent day and night identification function. It is off during the day. It will automatically identify and turn on the light at night when someone
walking within the sensing range and last about 25 to 35 seconds (When the light is on, if people in its sensing range move within 25 to 35
seconds, the light will be constant on. After people leave its sensing range, it is off 25 to 35 seconds later
Status description:
It is powered on, but the lamp is not on.
A :When the ambient illumination is higher than 7LUX, the light is in standby status.
B :The lamp will automatically light up, it just need one or two minutes to stabilize.

This lamp can be used in Corridors, Wash rooms, Front door, Cloak Rooms, Warehouses, Basements, Garages, Driveways,
Security areas, ect

Package included:
1 x E27 light bulb

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