60X100cm Bedroom Living Room Pure Wool Carpet Warm Sofa Cushion


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Bedroom Living Room Pure Wool Carpet

Pure wool, soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for four seasons, used in deck chair, floor, wooden floor, sofa, bay window, couch and etc.

Material: Pure wool
Size: 60*100cm / 24*39 inch
Hair length: 4-8cm
Color: White, Camel, Beige
Weight: Appr. 1200g

Good permeability and hygroscopicity, best thermal materials
Perfect stitching, use 5-8 months quality lamb fur, smooth and soft
Easy to store when long-term unused, no deformation
Can be decorated your home or car to show your elegant and unique style

Maintenance method:
1. If the hair is stand-offdue to packaging or long-term folding, please unfold the carpet and shake a few times, the itme will be returned to the original elasticity.
2. Wool carpet should be used nursing combed teasing hair surface to keep the hair fluffy.
3. Shaking out the blanket and using little stick to beat the hair surface after using period of time.
4. In case of slight contamination, dip a clean hair brush in cleanser or alcohol and wipe the surface lightly, and then use a clean pure cotton towel dipped in talcum powder to remove the cleanser and shake off powder.
5. In case of serious contamination, suggest that take to the dry cleaner.
6. If long-term unused, please keep it dry and ventilative. Do not fold and press for long term.

Package included:
1 X Wool Carpet

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