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765mm Telescopic Antenna Q9 BNC Connector Portable FM Radio

Product name: Telescopic Antenna Q9 BNC Connector
Total length of antenna: 174mm
Extended total length: 765mm
The first section length: 124mm
Diameter 5mm, total of 7 sections, full-frequency antenna
The diameter of the flat head bottom is 2.5mm, 1.4mm thickness
Interface Type: BNC
Material: Stainless steel

Scope: Great for your damaged TV antenna or FM radio antenna, electric toy, remote control, VCD, and other communications antenna and other electronics products.
Applicable effect: Enhanced intercom receiver sensitivity, increased the range of walkie exhaled. Effectively increase the intercom call effect, increase in calling distance, lets calls more clearly, calls farther distance!

Package included:
1x Telescopic Antenna Q9 BNC Connector

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