8 PCS Love Series Icing Sugar Cake Spray Mould Print Coffee Stencils


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Cake spray mould is using for decorateing cake, cupcakes and cookies, a simple and easy cake decorating tool.
It's also a great tool for fancy coffee printing,coffee milk frother spray,making your coffee more romantic and attractive.
How to use:
1.Placing the cake spray mould on the top of the cake and sprinkle with various powders.
Such as cocoa powder, cinnamon or icing sugar, etc. then  you can copy the spray pattern on the surface of the cake.
2.Cake spray mould suitable for  a variety of styles of cake, including frosting and no frosting.
If there is no icing on the cake, just gently put the template on top of the cake and sprinkle with powder and then remove the spray on it. 
For cake with no icing, this decoration can often play a finishing touch.
3.The spray is also suitable for fondant cake.
Because sugar powder is difficult fixed on fondant surface, that the fondant will need a little bit wetted on it's surface.
4.It can be used to smear icing sugar.
First, placing the spray on the fondant cake surface, wipe a thin layer of icing sugar on the spray.
Using baking kiss knife helping spread icing sugar. Note To remove the spray before icing sugar dries.
5.If it is cream icing sugar cake or soft icing sugar cake, you should noy put the spraydirectly on the surface of the cake.
Because the  icing sugar is likely to stick the spray that  will eventually destroy the icing sugar and the decoration.
The correct approach is: try to ensure that the cake surface is smooth,holding the cake spray and keeping it near the top surface of the cake, 
and then began dusting. After completing gently remove the spray horizontally, to prevent excess powder falling and damage the cake decoration.
Features & details:
Material: PVC
Size: DIA.7.5
Color: White
Weight: 7g/ Piece
Package included:
8 x Love Series Icing Sugar Cake Spray Mould


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