8 PCS Snow Glaze Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set With Gift Box


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This Kung Fu Tea Set is made from Snow Glaze Ceramic process,which is famous for it's beatiful snowflake surface glaze.
Produced in Dehua county, which is located in the middle of fujian province,one of the three largest modern ceramics capital 
of China, and one of the birthplace of China's han Chinese ceramic culture.
The porcelain is fine and glossy, snow spots spread evenly,pure,fresh and bright.
Inner lake green glaze, smooth and delicate,unique fairy feeling.
This Snow Glaze Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set Contains: One teapot, One fair mug, Six teacups.
The fair mug ensures that every guest can drink the tea with same aroma and same color. So it is fair to everybody.
Material: Snow Glaze Ceramic
Dimension: Teapot: Appr. Height 7cm; Diameter 12cm (includes the handle and mouth)
                    Fair Mug: Appr. Height 6cm; Diameter 10cm (includes the mouth)
                    Teacup: Appr.Height 3.5 cm; Diameter 6.5cm
Capacity: Teapot 200ml; Fair Mug 180ml; Teacup 60ml
Color: As the pictures showing
Package Weight: Appr.2kg
Package Included: 
1 X Tea Pot 
1 X Fair Mug
6 X Teacups
1X Gift Box


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