8000mAh Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Dual USB Portable Solar Power Bank


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8000mAh Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Dual USB Portable Solar Power Bank

The product has a solar charging capabilities. Green energy, products using high-performance photovoltaic panels. This product uses the plastic shell with plastic structure Silicone, waterproof, drop, shock, dust effect, which is a very suitable for mobile power products for outdoor use.

Product details:

Capacity: standard (8000mAh)
Batteries type: polymer batteries (high temperature)
Output interface: Two standard USB interface
Output definition: Apple and Samsung 2.1A Universal (customizable)
Output voltage: DC 5.0V
Output Current: 2100mA (max)
Output Efficiency: Use 1A 92%, when using 2A 89%
Measured IPHONE6 phone: More than 71%
Input interface: MICRO interface
Input Voltage: DC 5.0V
Input current: 2000MA (max)
Input Efficiency: More than 80%
Charging time: about 6 hours
Solar panels light-size: 105mm * 55mm
Solar charging voltage: DC 5.0V
Solar Charging Current: 120mA Standard
Other features: Intelligent flashlight, SOS lighting, water, drop, dust, battery indicator
Color: Black with black, black with yellow, black with green, black with blue (more than 3K can customize your favorite color)
Material: shell surface craft rubber oil (frosted surface) with a high-quality silicone protective coat

1.solar before charging to note that if in the use of solar charging, mobile power power light can not exceed 3 grid. Please substance over 4LED lights use solar charging to protect the internal batteries will not be damaged at high temperatures.
2.Note that when using the charger should be used no less than 1A current qualified charger to charge this product.
3.the product can be protected from the rain soaked and diving is not supported.

Packaging Lists:
1* Solar Power Bank 

1* USB Cable
1*User manual



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