99.9% High Purity Graphite Casting Melting Crucible 1/2/3KG For Gold Silver


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Description :  

99.9% High Purity Graphite Casting Melting Crucible 1 / 2 / 3KG For Gold Silver

Excellent technical personnel !!!
High precision CNC processing equipment !!!
Can give you to provide excellent performance of graphite crucible ~ 
Smelting, casting crucible, graphite groove, laguan, pull, pull rods, mold and other graphite products.

Features :

The body of the graphite crucible smelting raw material is crystalline form natural graphite.
Therefore it keeps its original natural graphite of various physical and chemical properties.
Use special high purity graphite materials, graphite material of high strength, high density;
Selected special material, can let our degree of graphite crucible products are more durable than ordinary material products more than 2 times, service life is longer, more can withstand more than 2000 ℃ high temperature!

1. Good thermal stability : graphite crucible for rapid thermal quench conditions of use, special formula.
2. Good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, to ensure product quality and reliability.
3. Good resistance to acids, alkalis.
4. Good heat conduction properties : can greatly shorten the melting time, save energy.
5. Less than 300pp ash, to ensure precious metals smelting is not contaminated

Package Includes :

1 x 99.9% High Purity Graphite Casting Melting Crucible (1 / 2 / 3KG for optional~)

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