A11 Wifi GSM Door Magnetic Phonoreception Security Alarm Voice Control Sensor Black/White


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Description : 

A11 Wifi GSM Door Magnetic Phonoreception Security Alarm Voice Control Sensor

Features :

Binding the number firstly to make sure you can receive the alarm calling.
Four frequency global apply, no distance limit.
Has voice monitoring and infrared induction two prominent functions.
Provide free remote location function to make sure keep your valuables safe anytime and anywhere.
Small size, clear voice, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance, exempt driver, wireless, remote control etc.
It fits for Household anti-theft, Company anti-theft, Factory anti-theft, Warehouse anti-theft, Car anti-theft, Drawer anti-theft, Safe box anti-theft.

How to use :
1. Binding the phone number.
2. Calling the GSM intelligent alarm to test whether connected.
3. Setting corresponding function according to your own requirements.

Specific use conditions :

1. Usage :
Open the house’s rear cover to insert a SIM card as instructed. A quick flash of the blue indicator light one time and flash 3 times about 30 seconds later, the GSM host is ready for work.

2. Switch language : 
Send LANG1 change the language to Chinese.
Send LANG2 change the language to English.
Send LANG3 change the language to Russian.

3. Binding for automatically calling :
For the first phone, please sending message“00000”to ?initialize , then sending “111” to the SIM card.(it will reply you with a message if binding succeed).each device can be binded by 5 pcs of phone, so if you want to bind the second phone, you can send message”222”to the SIM card. Following by recycling. (If you just want to bind one phone, just need send one message”111”to the SIM card).

4.Function Settings :
Send 0005 start magnetic sensor alarm, when the door was opened or closed, the alarm report to the sender by SMS or call.
Send 0006 stop magnetic sensor alarm.
Send 0001 start voice sensor alarm, when sound around ,the alarm will report the sender by SMS or call .
Send 0002 stop voice control.
Send 777** set the time interval of the voice sensor alarm, sent 77705 the alarm will not report for voice sensor alarm 5 minutes within the previous one.
Send LBS report the alarm location map link.
Send 8881 the alarm mode will change as send SMS first, and then call.
Send 8882 the alarm mode will change as only call.
Send 8883 the alarm mode will change as send SMS only.
Send 999 can inquire the current state. (when you forget to the function of the alarm system Settings, you can send the instructions to confirm)

Restore the factory Settings: send 00000

Specifications :

Size : 8.2cm x 3.8cm x 1.0cm
Color : Black, White for option~
Battery : Lithium polymer 500mA
Operating frequency : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz.
Standby time : 7-15days (according to the strength of local network signal)

Note :
The device will start when you insert SIM card.
Please inserted the SIM card when charge.
The new machines need to be recharged 3-4 hours when first time used.

Package includes :

1 x Host (battery included)
1 x Magnet box
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Velcro

Details pictures :

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