AC 86V-265V 2.4G GU10 4W RGB+White/Warm White Mi Light LED Spot Light Bulb With Remote


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Improved color: 6 pcs RGB (3-in-1) color-changing and 2pcs warm white sub-pixel LEDs build in one Mi-light
Multi-functional: RGB light for colorful decorative ambiance lighting and warm white light for general home/office lighting purpose
Highly-compatible: works w/ RGBW controller;
Wide applications: AC86-264V operating voltage and 120 degree beam angle to meet various needs, GU10 base and compact size
Energy-conserving: 4W LED bulb in 2700K-3200K color temperature.


1. Different from other color-changing LED light bulbs on market, this LED bulb will meet both of your decorative and lighting needs.
It serves as a regular white light lighting source for you house/office and becomes a mood-booster during event and holiday!
2. This LED bulb is assembled with 3-in-1 RGB color-changing diodes and solid warm white color diodes as sub-pixel chips, which provide
the flexibility for you to switch between a “warm white” color light bulb and a color-changing light bulb. The warm white color of traditional
LED RGB bulb is mixed out by RED, GREEN and BLUE three colors. You probably already found the color created by existed
3. LED RGB light bulb is not that satisfying for the impurity of color warm white, now it is time to embrace the “pure color” light
emit from a color-changing light bulb.
4. With 50% more light, comparing to the traditional RGB LED bulb, this light can be used for architectural and decorative purposes.
5. Furthermore, the contrast ratio also increased by 20%. It also can provide better cooling effect owing to its ceramic light body.

Note: How to set up the new bulb to link with remote and controller
1.Install RGBWW smart bulbs and choose a zone to assign the bulb (Smart Bulb may be assigned to zone 1-4 to control sections of your home/office).
2.Turn off the power supply in the zone you assigned the bulb to by the main switch or unplugging.
3.Turn back the light back on and within 3 seconds quickly press one of the 'zone' buttons on the remote control.
4.The bulb will blink 3 times if the link is set up correctly.

How to unlink the Smart Bulb's previous settings:

1.Select the time zone which you would like to unlink.
2.Turn off the power supply from the main switch or unplug from socket.
3.Switch the light on again& within 3 seconds quickly press 5 times the button of the zone which you wish to link to
4.The bulb will blink 6 times if the link is correctly set up

Voltage: AC86-265V
Wattage: 4W
Color: RGB+W/WW
LED quantity: 8pcs 5050
Dimensions: φ50×75mm
Luminous flux: 200-220lm
Color temperature: 2700K-3200K

Package Included:
1 x GU10 Mi-light
1 x Remote Control

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