AMTECH NC-559-ASM 10cc No-Clean Environmentally Friendly Solder Paste


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Description : 

AMTECH NC-559-ASM No-Clean Solder Paste To Help Environmentally Friendly Oil 10cc

Features :

1. This product is no-clean solder paste, very little residue, without washing.
2. The residue is colorless and transparent appearance outstanding.
3. Excellent printing performance with suitable hand and machine print.
4. Suitable for BGA ball, semiconductor packaging, repair.
5. Computer motherboard north and south bridge, communications, graphics and other BGA apply.

Just apply a little each time.
It's currently the best on the market BGA, CSP rework help paste.
When the bumping of the BGA chip coated with flux paste and PCB pads are required coat.
Good BGA soldering flux paste and machine regardless of manual welding, the success rate is greatly increased.

Specification :

Capacity : 10CC
Model : NC-559-ASM-UV

Package includes:

1 x AMTECH NC-559-ASM 10cc Solder Paste

Details pictures : 


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