Bright White Flash Strobe Light Bulb Headlight With Controller Color Cover


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Bright White Flash Strobe Light Bulb Headlight With Controller Color Cover


Can be installed in the car light shell, color shell can be replaced.
Multi-functional Flash Controller has different adjustable flashing method, you can also install in a motorcycle
Controlling modes: left flash three times then right flash three times,flash simultaneously,flashing speed and flashing frequency etc.
Warning function: It will get better effect in the fog or rain weather for warning,avoid collision
Make your car and motorcycle looks more fashionable and unique from others


1.Flash controller size:11.5*8.5*4.5cm(L*W*H)
2.Cable length: Four cable,2.6 m * 2,1.7 m * 2
3.Lamp size: glass(U-shaped) length 3cm,total length including light foot 4.5cm
4.Lamp shell color:yellow,red,blue,pink
6.Power supply:DC 12V
7.Light color: bright white

Installation method:
1, Drill a small hole after taking off of large lampshade and put the flashing light to a centered position. Then the red wire of flash strobe light connect to positive electrode, black wire connect to negative electrode
2, If you want to control the flashing independently, you can link it up with malfunction indicator lamp(MIL) or headlights that you turn on MIL or headlights,the flash strobe light will works.
3, After finished connecting the cable and put the large lampshade to its original position to be installed, you can use freely.

Package included:

1 x Multi-functional Flash Controller
2 x Lamp
8 x Lamp Cover

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