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BT-88 Digital LED Battery Tester Checker For 9V 6V 3V 1.5V

Model: BT-88
Color: Blue
Dimension: 8cm*4cm*2cm

1.No power supply needed and it works steadily in the long term.
2.It can be used to test battery of 9V,6V,3V,1.5V; Button battery and battery of A, AA, AAA, D1.5V.
3.Polarity protection for testing battery 9V, 6V, 3V, 1.5V.
4.It can also be used to continuity test of fuse wire,bulb, guide line; null line and firing line of household electrical outlet.
5.It can be used to fuzz testing for alternating and direct voltage of 12-220V

Package includes:
1X BT-88 Battery Tester

The picture is only for reference,please consider carefully before purchase.

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