Car H4 9003 Headlight Relay Harness Wire Controller Connector Socket


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Car H4 9003 Headlight Relay Harness Wire Halogen Ceramic Controller Connector Socket


his harness fixes:dim headlights
back feeding power
flickering headlights
malfunctioning headlights when using hi/low beams
overloading the headlight switch
overheating plugs
this is a h4/9003 12v headlight conversion wiring harness with hi heat
ceramic plugs for cars that have upgraded halogen or xenon h4 bulbs.
h4 2 headlight harness for headlight interchange:h4 conversions h6024 headlights
the stock headlight switch cannot handle the necessary power needed to light
the hi watt halogen bulbs so headlights overload the headlight switch and end up
making the lights dim, flicker,or turn off. this harness bypasses the power draw
from the headlight switch and pulls the power directly from the cars battery,
but still uses the stock headlight switch to activate the relays to turn the headlights on and off.
the ceramic plugs wont melt like standard plastic plugs will from the higher heat that halogen bulbs put out.
this is harness is a direct plug and plug with all the correct factory style plugs for the high and low beam headlights!

package include:

1x h4 relay harness

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