Car Window Tint Film Black 5% VLT 50cm*6m


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Car Window Tint Film Black 5% VLT 50cm*6m

Size: (approx.) 50cm*6m
Color: Black

Main Ingredients: PET
Visible Light Transmission: 5%
High Heat Rejection: 20%
Uv Rejection: 99%


Explosion-proof high-perfomance, thermal performance, improved car insurance.
Value ratio, reducing the air condition load, improving fuel efficiency.

Energy saving solar window films protect vehicle, home and commercial against excess heat factors resulting in a more comfortable, more economical enviroment.
Interior glare and fading factors are also substanially reduced, as well as providing the occupants improved daytime privacy.
Package included
1 x 5% VLT Car Window Tint Film
5% VLT film

Car Window Tint Film

Usage Note
Films are not to used on vehicle windshields, driver orpassenger front door windows, frosted or patterned glass, any type of plastic surface or on wire type rear window defoggers.
Films are not recommended to be used on thermal, double-pane windows.

5% VLT Flim

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