Cherub GB2i Electric Guitar Bass Cellphone Tuning Effect Device Connector


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Cherub GB2i Electric Guitar Bass Mobile Phone Tuning Effect Device Connector For Iphone Ipad


Name: GB2i Tuning Connector
Brand: Cherub


1) Support the iPhone app Strumtune collocation is used, can to the tuning operation without interference.
2) Compatible with other iPhone/ipod application software: effect, tuner, metronome, tuning, recording, amplifiers, etc.Software is CHROMATIC,GUITAR,BASS,VIOLIN,UKULELE tuning mode,and the software is Guitar,Bass many string tuning mode,one-time strike six strings, according to the test result at the same time, get rid of the traditional way to proofread.   
3) Tuning mode with MIC and pick-up in two ways, we equipped with the connector.When using the pick-up to reduce noise around, make the tuning process for the best.  

Need to set up the software to monitor open. GarageBand, JamUp, Ampkit, Amplitube these four software can use this tuning connector.

Package include:

1 x GB2i Tuning Connector

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