China Kung Fu Tea Special-purpose Ice Crack Glaze Tea Ware Set


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Kongfu Tea
Kungfu tea, not tea or tea to the name of the class, but a cooking tea techniques. It's called kungfu tea, because this way of making tea is very exquisite, operate requires some effort, kung fu is the knowledge of making and drinking of kung fu,
did not have a good time is not a bubble good tea. Taste the kunfu tea is best where there is no wind, home is the best, of course. Finally put the classical music, there is quite a different refined.

Ice crack tea set
< 1 > ice crack glaze
Tea set all select natural material, ceramic clay with unique processing technology refined,Appearance is bright, delicate and beautiful, glass thickness, avoid hot, heat faster, etc, can greatly retained tea fragrance, Prevent spread of aroma.
< 2 > ice crack tea characteristics
"Ice crack glaze" because of the teapot, cup body has the trace of ice to crack, hence the name."Ice crack cup" is guan kilns of the aura,The greatest characteristic of "ice crack glaze" : multi-level three-dimensional structure crack, cause like the petals of level.

Features & details:
Name:Ice crack tea set
Color: Green
Size:teapot:14.5cm * 7cm
     justice Cup :11.5cm * 5.5cm
     tea funnel: 8.5cm * 5.3cm
     teacup: 6.4cm *3.2cm   
Applicable:Suitable for green tea, pu er tea, black tea, rock tea, fruit & flower tea, all kinds of loose tea.

Package included:
1 x teapot
1 x justice Cup
1 x tea funnel
6 x teacup

1. Use dishwasher should choose to have "porcelain and crystal class" dishwasher washing function.
2. With gold and platinum edge decorative porcelain should not be put in the microwave.
3. Do not put hot cup into the cold water directly, so as to avoid damage porcelain rapid temperature change.
4. If there is a tea, can be used lemon juice or vinegar to clean.
5. PH value must be between 11-11.5, with clean water, the water temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.

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