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Description :

Chinese Calligraphy Set Brush Pen Ink Stone Writing Art Craft Gift With Case

This is a set of Chinese Calligraphy tools, which is including four different size writing brush, a Chinese writing brush holder, an inkstone, a piece of ink block, a water dish, an inkpad, a Chinese seal.
With the delicate box and  these complete Chinese Calligraphy writing tools, you can practice the Calligraphy convieniently.
It is really perfect for students and both the Calligraphy beginners and Calligraphy lovers to practice writing.

writing brush
In this Calligraphy tools set, including four difference size writing brush, a wool brush and a wolf-hair brush for Large Regular script and a wool brush and a wolf-hair brush for Small Regular script.
These brushes are particular design for calligraphy made from bamboo with height quality sheep, and wolf hair. Different brush has different writing effect.
Small wolf-hair brush is tapered to a fine point can deliver an even thin line of ink (much like a pen), when you want to write small regular script it can do a good help to you.
Large wool brush can hold a large volume of water and ink, when the big cloud brush rains down upon the paper, it delivers a graded swath of ink encompassing myriad shades of gray to black.
In that case it is very suitable for writing  Large Regular script.

Chinese writing brush holder
It can help you hold up the writing brush when not writing and prevent the damage of the writing brush and convenient for writing.

Inkstone, Ink Block and a water Cup
In calligraphy, artists usually grind their own inkstick over an Inkstone or Ink Block to obtain ink, puts a few drops of water on an inkstone and grinds the inkstick in a circular motion until smooth.
Then you turn the water into ink. And the The water cup can be used as a containers for water and it is also suitable to wash the writing brush.

Inkpad and Chinese seal
Usually, a calligrapher will affix their seal on the painting, so with the inkpad and Chinese seal, you can also affix your own seal on the paper onw.
Please note that the seal is uncarve.

Brocade Box packaging
Accompany with height quality  Brocade Box packaging, it is really a great gift for your friends, family and client.

Specification :

Weight : 1100g
Box size : 31cm x 12.5cm x 5cm
Hair Material of Writing Brush : wool and wolf Hair
Brush diameter : 0.74, 0.73, 0.67, 0.67(cm)
Inkstone diameter : 10cm x 3.0cm x 7.5cm
Package material : Brocade box

Package Includes :

4 x four different size writing brush
1 x Chinese writing brush holder
1 x Chinese uncarve marble stone stamp seal
1 x Round black inkstone
1 x Carve patterns ink block
1 x Blue and white porcelain water dish
1 x Chinese red inkpad
1 x Brocade with lock box

Detail Pictures :

Brocade With Lock Box

Four Different Size Writing Brush

Round Black inkstone

Blue And White Porcelain Water Dish
Chinese writing Brush Holder

Chinese Red inkpad

Chinese Uncarve Marble Stone Stamp Seal

Carve Patterns Ink block

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