Colorful Rainbow LED Sound Light-controlled Bathroom Night Light


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Material: ABS + PS
Size: 100*75*87mm
Light source: LED
Power: 0.2W
Power supply: 220V (80V-240V can be used normally)
Switch: Sound and light-controlled switch
Sound control time: 150 seconds
Lumen: 2-5LM
Color: Rainbow color randomly
Pattern: Cute cloud, Shy cloud

0.2W power, not light in daytime, low consumption, low-power, long life
Rainbow shape, after the lights, it will be showed colorflul, dream and lovely color for every corner of your home.
Light sensor keep lighting in dark environment.
Sound sensor lights last 150 seconds long with sound.
Suitable for kids room, hallway, corridor, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.
This little night light bring much fun, safety and peace in our living space.

Package included:
1 X Rainbow Night Light
1 X Outlet Plug(matching according to different countries)

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