Creative Clock Module LED Digital Tube With Temperature Date


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Creative Clock Module LED Digital Tube With Temperature Date


The product doesn't need welding by yourself, just need to connect wire and adjust to work.
Temperature range: -30 ~ 60 degree
Size: 50 x 19 x 5 (LWT)
Weight: 5g
Timing chip: DS1302
Precision crystal: 5PPM
Voltage: 4.2V-30V wide voltage power supply (Note: the lower voltage, the lower luminance, the lower power consumption)
The minimum resolution: 0.1 degrees, with the temperature error correction setting feature, set range: -5 ~ 5.
With 24-hour timekeeping error correction settings function, can be set every 24 hours error correction, set range: -9 to 9 seconds. (Note: To make this effective, you must be 24 hours of continuous power, that is, each 24 hours working can do one error correction)
Color: White / Red / Green (Optional)

Can be set to cycle mode:

Only time display
Only show date
Only display temperature
Only voltage
Alternating display time, temperature and voltage
Note: In the alternate display mode, you can choose whether to display temperature or voltage by dd options, dd:0 status display time + temperature + voltage. dd:1 status display time + voltage. dd:2 status display time + temperature)
How to use:

Under normal use, press the "Left", "minute" starts flashing, then press "Right", "minute" to increase and the cycle between 59 ~ 0.
Finish the "minute", then press "Left", "Hour" starts flashing, then press "Right", "Hour" to increase and the cycle between 23 ~ 0.
Finish the "Hour" setting, then press "Left", jump to adjust the date, "colon" in the middle of display is off, and "day" starts flashing, then press "Right", "day" to increase the cycle between 1~31.
Press the "Left", "month" starts flashing, then press "Right", "month" increased and cycle between 1 to 12.
Press the "Left" is displayed AC: xx, xx is the value to be corrected temperature value in degrees.
Press the "Right" to adjust the temperature error correction, values range from -5 degree ~ 5 degree.
After the adjusted temperature error correction, and then press "left" is displayed Ad: xx, 24 hours error correction value value xx is to be corrected in seconds from -9 to 9 seconds, a positive number is increased, is to reduce the negative.
After adjust the timing error correction value, then "left" and enter dd option is displayed dd: x, press "Right" to adjust the range of 0 to 2.
After setting the dd option, then press the "left" to save all the data, and return to normal display status.

Switch the display mode:

Under the state of non-adjusting, press the "right" to switch to display mode, from time-date-temperature-voltage-time, temperature and voltage alternately display (about 4-5 seconds interval).

Package included:

1 x Digital clock (Colors Optional)

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