DA500 Little Inspire Carbon Fiber Alien Multirotor 500mm FPV Frame Kit


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DA500 Little Inspire Carbon Fiber Alien Multirotor 500mm FPV Frame Kit


Item name: DA500 Little Inspire Alien Multirotor Frame Kit
Material: carbon fiber and CNC components
Body size: 430x410x210mm
Wheelbase: 500mm
Center board thickness: 2.0mm carbon fiber
Arm tube: 20mm pure carbon fiber tube
Weight: 500g 
Flight time: about 25 minutes
Designed according to a sci-fi color shaped rack, refer to DJI Inspire.
The whole body without plastic parts, all with pure carbon fiber and aluminum parts. 
Two layers structure can mount two motors.
Support X4, X8 mode
Weighing only 500 grams.
2.0mm thick pure carbon paddle board.
20mm pure carbon fiber tube.
With platform for gimbal installation. 
Not a folding quadcopter, the size is comparably slightly larger than Phantom, no need to design it as folding sturecture. 
Will be better for FPV photography.
Recommend: (not included)
Prop suggest: 12" or 13" propeller
Battery suggest: 6S 4200mah, 4S 5200mah
X4 mode: 
Motor: 3508 3510 3515 4108 or 4110 4112
Propeller: 13 inch
Battery: 6S 4200mah
Technical recommendations for X4 mode: 3508 motor, about KV400, 30A ESC, 1355 propeller
X8 mode: 
2212 2216 2810 2814 3506 3508 motor, or smaller 
A test case for your reference:
Motor: 4108 KV480 
Propeller: 1345 folding 
Battery: 6S 4200mah 
2-axis gopro gimbal with gopro camera
Take-off weight: 2300g
Alarm voltage 3.5V 
Flight Time: 28 minutes
The video screen without jelly or vibration.
(4S 5200 also test it with. 22 minutes of flight time)
Package included:
1 x DA500 frame kit

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