Dental Care SPA Oral Irrigator Water Toothpick Family Tooth Cleaner


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Dental Care Water Jet Oral Irrigator Family Tooth Cleaner

Flush your teeth after meals and before sleeping, and it is very easy to keep good health for oral cavity. Better and more effective than string flossing for a healthier.

No electricity or batteries
Secure and friendly environment
Easy to install and noiseless
Prevents tooth decay

Material: PVC
Color: White
Bronze Faucet Diverter Size: 45*40*45 mm
Bronze Faucet Diverter Material: bronze
Medical Grade PVC Hose Size: 6*6*1000 mm
Medical Grade PVC Hose Color: white
Handle Size: 15*15*90 mm
Handle Color: white
Spray Nozzle Size: 15*15*75 mm
Toothbrush Jet Size: 25*25*75 mm
L Frame Size: 140*75*25 mm
L Frame Color: White
Weight: 300g

Shower Fitting Assembly Methods:
1. Unscrew the bubbler on the water segregator;
2. Two shower joint are installed to water segregator upper and lower ends;
3. Open the shower hose fittings, mounted watershed which has assembled and then connected to hose again;
4. After the PVC water hose into the watershed screws, locked screw cap;
5. PVC hose plugged into the host grip, and then screw cap on the hose align locked grip;
6. Installation red teeth placement frame with double-sided tape adhesive wall. (Make sure adhesive wall drying)
Common Faucet Assembly Method:

1. Follow the installation diagram. Correct the water separator installed in the faucet.
2. Plug one end of the PVC pipes locking tube tip. And lock nut.
3. Handle the other end into the bottom water. And lock nut.
4. Select the personal use of the water connection. Tightened to grip the top.
5. In the case of the tap open manifold valve handle will spin to the ground water level of the state that began emitting red teeth! Rotation to a vertical state to the normal use of tap water!

How to use:
1. Open tap water, and put the oral irrigator nozzle into the mouth
2. Wash sequentially upper and lower teeth and stop in between teeth Moment
3. Rinse off all the parts of the manifold and nozzle to flush water out of the handle, the final color of their heads off, back into the appropriate rack position

Package Contents:
1X Bronze Faucet Diverter (45*40*45mm / Bronze material)
1X Water Filter
1X Medical Grade PVC Hose (6*6*1000mm / white)
1X Handle (15*15*90mm / white)
3X Spray Nozzle (15*15*75mm)
3X Toothbrush Jet (25*25*75 mm )
1X L Frame (140*75*25mm / white)
1X Plastic Hexwrench

Notice: This product is specially used for oral cavity and not permitted to use for the eyes, ears, and nose.

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