DIY 12V Human Infrared Proximity Sensor Delay Switch Module Kit


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DIY 12V Human Infrared Proximity Sensor Delay Switch Module Kit


LIS-2 infrared sensor switch is use for detecting whether the infrared signal transmitted is reflected to determine whether there is an object in front, so as to control the switching operation of the relay.
The reference value sensing distance: 12cm (The actual distance related to the reflector material).

Available in sensor faucets, automatic hand dryer and other equipment.


Operating voltage: 12V
Quiescent current: 28mA
Pull current: 50mA
Delay time: 0 ~ 40S adjustable
Relay contact capacity: 3A / 250V
PCB size: 63 x 39mm


The system consists of the power supply circuit, infrared sensor circuit, the delay circuit and the switch control circuit.

Power circuit: J2 input 12V power, D5 can prevent power supply reverse polarity, R7 is current-limiting resistor, C2, C4 filtering.
Infrared sensor circuit: U1C, R10, R11, D6, C5 constitute an oscillator, output pulse signal from U1's 10 feet, after Q4 amplified to drive infrared emission D2 emit infrared signals. If this signal is not blocked by an obstacle, the infrared receiver can not receive the signal D1, and therefore the follow-up circuit does not work; when there is an obstacle in front of D2 (e.g. shaking hand in front of D2), the transmitted infrared signal reflected back by the obstacle, D1 will be received, the received signal by Q1, Q2 amplification, finally R3 output amplified infrared signal, and then frequency selection by U1A, U1D shaping and the finally output at 11pin of U1.
Delay circuit: R5, VR1, C3 composed delay circuit, adjust VR1 can adjust the delay time of each action, the delay time of the circuit design is adjustable within the range of 0 ~ 40S. (Because there is an element error, so the actual delay will be slightly different)
Switch control circuit: Q3, Q5, K1 constituting the switching control circuit. If D1 receives the signal, finally in the four feet of U1 output after a delay of low level control signal, make the Q3 and Q5 conduction, K1 pull. D3 is the status indicator of relay.

Note: We don't supply any manuals but only has the schematic, please note about this before you order it.

Package included:

1 x Human Infrared Proximity Sensor

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