DIY 1602 Calendar Penholder Electronic Clock Kit


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DIY 1602 Calendar Penholder Electronic Clock Kit


Only one 1602 show positive view LCD screen, looks very clean, the calendar functions in addition to annual general clock, day, month, day, hour, minute and second display, also added a real-time temperature display, hate to think display Information not enough, then also add information on the basis of a switch the display, the first display time and temperature information in general, after the handover of the first line of information displayed in English temperature remind statement, such as: little cold now; It's hot ! Tips statements, etc., there is a good morning, good afternoon, good evening tips, see things only appear in English, there is a sense of shame. . . So I added a Chinese-style track "Lunar prompt" function, one of our important traditional Chinese festival when the festival will show the information, of course, suggesting that there are other festivals, such as not important festival day, on a whim I wish to show character, and character is formed characters with smiley face, so you live each day with a smile. In addition to using the buzzer sounds heard, there is in the "pen" around inside and two were purple and yellow flashing led lights inside a reminder chime when the time comes, the light shines through the tunnel plate, see up Pi have discomfort. In order to prevent the influence of sleep, buzzer sounds chime set in 7: 00–24: 00, other times only lighting tips.


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1 x DIY 1602 Calendar Penholder Electronic Clock Kit

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